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21 Tips of build website home page

A company's homepage is often the first point of contact a consumer has with a company and also website homepage design tips | Download pdf
21 Tips Of Website Homepage Content What Is Web ? • A network of fine threads constructed by a spider from fluid secreted by its spinnerets, used to catch its prey.What Is Home Page Content? • A company's homepage is often the first point of contact a consumer has with a company, and as such, is the single most important page on most websites.What should a Home Page Include ? • There are 5 things that should be included in yourhomepage. • CompanyDescriptionandFeaturedProducts • NewsandEvents • Customerinteraction • Homepagevisuals • FinalTipsonHomepagesThere are Some Tips For What Type of a Website Homepage Content Include.1 Logo • The first thing your visitor should see is your logo. Place it on the top left, a common hot spot where readers begin. Surround your logo with ample negative space so its stand out.2 Menu • Create a menu featuring only the most important pages allowing visitors to quickly navigate to the sections that interest them. Only hide it behind the “hamburger” icon for small screen.3 Special Entry • If your site needs to provide private access to members or a subset of your visitors, devise an elegant way for these types of users to login top the pages.4 Headline • The most important passage on your website, the homepage headline, might appear above, below or within the hero image. Write an ultra-clear, benefit focused headline.5 The Can't Miss Call-To-Action Feature a visually prominent call-to- action(CTA) by creating a button in or below your selected image. Use active language and highlight the value that comes with clicking.6 Introduction Begin a dialogue with your visitor with benefit-oriented and friendly introductory copy. Include keywords for SEO, and possibly, internal links.7 Port folio • If your business delivers product or services that can be showcased via images and descriptions, users may want to find a portfolio gallery on your home page.8 Blog • Consider directing homepage visitors to your blog or content hub by displaying recent or popular posts. You can do so with a grid of titles, stack of rows, thumbnails or a list.9 Pods • Pods present supporting pods, or sections, to include whatever visitors will find valuable products books, awards, staff profile and news.10 Social Proof • Social proof is a powerful indicator of trust. Include just a few of your best (short) quotes on the homepage, and link to case studies if applicable. Another great example of social proof are testimonials.11 About Us • One of the most important things that people tend to forget is a quick„AboutUs‟ section in your homepage. Consider a photo, quote, short bio, timeline, intro passage or video.12 Niche Copy Targeting • Make sure the copy is written for your target market. You want to make sure that you are writing for your audience. Find out who your target market is and only write for them.13 Keyword • Give you homepage SEO juice with keywords placed in the title tag, headlines, menu items, body copy and“Behind” images.14 Supporting Image • Most people are visual first. Make sure you have a picture or short video that showcases what it is that you offer.15 Features and Benefits • In addition to your benefits, list some key features that set you apart. In this busy online world, you have to make sure you stick out instead of blending in.16 You • If you are using website support to support your personal brand, you may want it to feature you. Consider a photo, bio, quote, introductory passage or video.17 Subscription • Use a plugin or third party service to offer email subscriptions. You can do so with a variety pop-ups, a CTA that invokes a landing page, or an embedded form.18 Offer • Generate leads from your homepage with a“leadmagnet” offer such as an eBook, guide, free trial, coupon etc. you can present it in your shot, as a CTA, or in a section of page.19 Resources • If you offer resources-free or paid-via a specific section of your website, increase click-through by dedicating a section to showcasing your resource library.20 Search Function • If your website has a lot of pages or may require searching to find a specific item, make it easier for your customers to do so.21 Footer • The footer of your homepage is likely to be a standard feature all across your website. Carefully consider including elements users may want fast access to, especially contact information.You can find us at
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