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Characteristics of a Horrible Boss

The type of boss that makes your job unbearable to a point where you feel like walking out during any given moment. Unfortunately, there are a lot of horrible bosses out there and they can make even the funniest of jobs seem frightful.
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Published Date:09-03-2017
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ARROGANCE 1. It is a dark personality trait where no one wants to hear you swank.2. UNCARING It is one of the characteristics of a boss who doesn’t care about employees problems. He just want his work on time.CONTROL 3. Hold control over everything and doesn’t want to give control to anyone.Good leaders make 4. decision quickly. UNDECIDED Confusing one is weak.When they think 5. that they are right, then no matter HEADSTRONG what, they stick to their decision whether its good or bad.RESISTANT 6. Unaffected by change and they do not understand that change is good.7. Annoying everyone without ANNOYED reason, spread negativity.8. SENTIMENTS Make decisions based on emotions rather than mind.BLAME 9. Bad leaders take all the credits. But never take blame for the mistake.10. FRIGHT They lead with fright and always think that it is an effective way to handle.11 VISIONLESS Being visionless will take you nowhere. The best leaders have a clear vision and think long term.12 FAVORITISM Playing favorites will demoralize the rest of the team.Any queries? You can find us at