How to deliver a 10 minute Presentation

how to deliver a business presentation and how to deliver a good business presentation
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Published Date:08-07-2017
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 Importance of preparation  Structure of presentations  How to deliver a presentation  Language of presentations  Summary and tips  Inform  Persuade/Sell  Entertain  WHY?  WHO?  WHERE?  WHEN?  HOW?  WHAT? "Why am I making this presentation?" "Who am I making this presentation to?" "Where am I making this presentation?" "When am I making this presentation and how long will it be?" "How should I make this presentation?" - Argumentation - Sequencing/logic/amount of information - Layout for each slide - Number of slides vs. time limit "What should I say?“ •welcome your audience Beginning Short •introduce your subject introduction •explain the structure •present the subject Middle Body •sum up your presentation End Short •thank your audience conclusion •invite questions Questions and Answers  Ask a rhetorical question.  Start with an interesting fact.  Tell them a story.  Give them a problem to think about.  Use questions.  Quote a well-known person.  Refer back to the beginning.  Call the audience to action. Overcoming nervousness:  Prepare well.  Learn to relax.  Check out the room.  Know your audience.  Concentrate on the message.  Visualize success.  Audience Rapport/Interaction  Body Language  Voice quality  KISS Keep It Short and Simple  computer/data projector  overhead projector (OHP)  board, duster, markers, flipchart  Pie charts  Bar charts  Graphs  Simplicity and Clarity  Signposting Function Language Introducing the subject I'd like to start by... Giving an example A good example of this is... Summarising In conclusion,... Firstly...secondly...thirdly... Ordering Analysing a point Let's consider this in more detail...  Prepare well, rehearse  Check equipment  Do not read  Be enthusiastic  Clear language  Check pronunciation  Make it interesting