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Achieving more together. Start Your Career with AccentureAt Accenture You are the Center of Focus: As a company we are made up of a variety of individuals, each with different skills. That is why we try to make our work environment and our corporate culture as attractive as possible for many great people. Learn more about Accenture through this interactive document ABOUT USWho we are (1/2) — The Best Place to be for Extraordinary Candidates • One of the world’s leading professional services Revenue by Operating Group companies • The world’s leading partner for large-scale business transformation projects • Providing consulting and outsourcing services Comms., Financial Media & Tech Services through our strategy, digital, technology and 20.3% 21.5% operations capabilities Health & Public • Net revenue: US30.0 billion for the fiscal year Resources Service 16.6% 16.6% which ended Aug. 31, 2014 Products • Listed as one of the Top 100 Best Employers 24.9% • Ranked No. 44 on Interbrand’s “100 Best Global Brands 2014“ Others: 0.1% st as of Aug 31 , 2014; in US.Who we are (2/2) — This is where You find Us Locations: worldwide in over 200 cities and 56 countries Geographic Units: • Germany • Austria Berlin • Switzerland Duesseldorf Jena Frankfurt am Main Stuttgart Munich Vienna Basel Bern Zurich Geneva (Graphic does not include project offices.)How we Work — The Accenture Way The Accenture Way is how we do things. It is the way we innovate, collaborate, operate and deliver value — for our clients and our shareholders. It differentiates Accenture in the marketplace and is brought to life every day, in everything we do, through our unique passion, energy and style. Clients: Performance: We are passionate about our clients We are flexible and we drive and we are focused on delivering for performance. results. People: Future: We have the best people and We care about our we are team players. communities and we are focused on economic and business competitiveness to build a better future. Learn about The Accenture Way.OUR WORKOur Key Differentiators Outstanding Features A Privileged Position in the Technology Ecosystem • Enduring client relationships • Strategic relationships with alliance partners, including leading technology providers such as • Deep industry expertise Microsoft, SAP, Oracle, Cisco, EMC, Salesforce • Global breadth and depth • Systems integration partner for Oracle and SAP • One of the world’s largest independent technology • Knowing our partners and their technology services provider inside-out, we can rapidly tailor solutions to meet • Global Delivery Network clients’ specific needs • The best people in our industry Our Clients Large portfolio of top clients Accenture innovation: projects and client successes We have extensive relationships with the world’s Watch these videos on innovative projects and leading companies and governments and we work with see how Accenture helps its clients achieve high organizations of all sizes, all over the world. We serve performance and success: over 4,000 clients in over 120 countries, including: • Marriott: Optimizing the Example Marriott • 89 of the Fortune Global-100 and more than three Internet presence quarters of the Fortune Global-500 • Deutsche Telekom: Tripdiscovery, • 29 of the companies listed in DAX-30 (Germany) a more relaxed journey to success Example Deutsche Telekom • 13 of the 20 SMI-companies (Switzerland) • UBS: A keen eye on valuable information Example UBSOur Business — Overview Bring your talent and passion to a global organization at the forefront of business, technology and innovation. Collaborate with diverse, talented colleagues and leaders who support your success. Help transform organizations and communities around the world. Sharpen your skills through industry-leading training and development, as you build an extraordinary career. Discover how great you can be. Our businesses include:Our Industry Focus Accenture‘s clients span the full range of industries around the world. Our industry focus enables us to deliver innovative solutions tailored to each client. We bring an understanding of industry evolution, business issues and applicable technologies. Communications, Media & Financial Services Health & Public Service Products Resources Technology • Defense & Public • Auto, Industrial, Safety Infrastructure & • Communications • Banking • Chemicals Travel • Health • Electronics & High • Capital Markets • Energy • Consumer Goods & Tech • Human Services • Insurance • Natural Resources Services • Media & • Public Service • Risk Management • Utilities Industry • Life Sciences Entertainment Operations & Management • RetailOur Business — Accenture Strategy Join Accenture Strategy and turn your theories into action. Devise and deliver solutions at the intersection of business and technology, and help some of the world’s most successful and influential organizations develop new ways of doing business. Communications, Media & Financial Services Health & Public Service Products Resources Technology BUSINESS STRATEGY Business model Business Innovation Corporate Development & Growth Digital Business Strategy Corporate Transformation International Development Mergers, Acquisitions & Integration Strategy Sustainability TECHNOLOGY STRATEGY Corporate Architecture & Applications Strategy IT-Strategy OPERATIONAL/FUNCTIONAL STRATEGY Finance & Enterprise Performance Operations Sales & Customer Services Talent & OrganizationOur Business — Accenture Consulting Join Accenture Consulting and use your insights and capabilities to transform the world’s leading companies. Accenture Consulting serves clients globally in more than 40 industries. By focusing on specific industries, we develop an understanding of the business issues and applicable technologies for each, enabling us to deliver innovative solutions tailored to each client. Communications, Media & Financial Services Health & Public Service Products Resources Technology Management Consulting INDUSTRY-SPECIFIC BUSINESS MODEL TRANSFORMATION BUSINESS FUNCTION TRANSFORMATION Finance & Enterprise Performance Supply chain Sourcing & Procurement Talent & Organization Sales & Customer Service Technology Consulting PROGRAM CONSULTING Package & vendor selection Application & architecture studies Program diagostics & recovery TECHNOLOGY CONSULTING Digital IT Intelligent Applications Intelligent Infrastructure TRANSFORMATION PROGRAM MANAGEMENT & CONTROLOur Business — Accenture Digital Bring your digital marketing, mobility and analytics skills to the forefront of innovation with a recognized leader in digital services. You’ll help the world’s leading brands and governments unleash the power of digital to drive growth and transform their businesses. Communications, Media & Financial Services Health & Public Service Products Resources Technology DIGITAL STRATEGY & BUSINESS DESIGN DIGITAL CUSTOMERS, CHANNELS & MARKETS DIGITAL ENTERPRISE ANALYTICS, BIG DATA, BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE DIGITAL & MOBILE TECHNOLOGIESOur Business — Accenture Technology Working for Accenture Technology, you help clients across all industries harness the power of technology to innovate, grow and improve their operations. Leverage your technology expertise with one of the world’s largest independent providers of technology services. Communications, Media & Financial Services Health & Public Service Products Resources Technology IT-APPLIKATION PLATFORM: Microsoft/Avanade Oracle Data Center Salesforce Workday Java LIFECYCLE: Architecture Services Application Testing Application Outsourcing Application Capacity Services Mainframe/Modernization ACCENTURE SOFTWARE CLOUDOur Business — Accenture Operations As an Accenture Operations professional, you’ll partner with clients to create a broader definition of success — going beyond cost efficiencies and operational excellence to deliver outcomes such as increased sales, greater customer and employee satisfaction, increased market share and more. Communications, Media & Financial Services Health & Public Service Products Resources Technology CROSS INDUSTRY SERVICES Finance & Accounting Marketing Procurement Supply Chain Talent & HR Analytics Capacity Solutions INDUSTRY-SPECIFIC SERVICES Credit Services Health Administration Health Management Network Utilities INFRASTRUCTURE Network Workplace Infrastructure Outsourcing Service Management CLOUD Infrastructure as a Service Platform as a Service Software as a Service Business Process as a Service Cloud Strategy Cloud Security Hybrid Cloud SECURITY Enterprise Security Extended Enterprise Cyber Security Security Strategy Transformation & Risk Managed Security ServicesGOOD REASONS FOR ACCENTUREWhy Accenture? (1/2) — We Differentiate Ourselves by Our Way of Working Achieve More in a Team End-to-End Implementation Our Values We are international, inter-cultural Several times a day an Accenture Our corporate culture is based on and inter-disciplinary – and that is system goes live somewhere in our values, and they also define our how our teams work for and with the world. We provide much more character. They are the guideline our clients. than strategic vision - we also for our behavior and for the ensure seamless and successful decisions we make: Stewardship, implementation of well thoughtout Best People, One Global Network, solutions. End-to-end, from A Client Value Creation, Respect for to Z, everything from one source. the Individual, Integrity.Why Accenture? (2/2) — We Differentiate Ourselves by Our Way of Working Understanding What it Takes An Excellent Employer Flexible Career Planning Our employees can draw from National and international awards Our employees’ needs will change a profound knowledge base at have confirmed time and again that over the years. With a number of the ”Accenture Institute for High we are using the right approach: programs we will support you in Performance“. e.g. the Great Place to Work® shaping your individual career: award in Austria & Switzerland. • Flexible Hours/individual working models (Flexi-time, Part Time, Job Sharing, Home Office) • Child Care and Elder Care ProgramsP E R I O D I C R G E N V I I N E N W A S L P D N Continuous Education and Training — Comprehensive Individual Development Schemes Part of the support Accenture offers you is ongoing training to help you remain at the top of your game and continue to grow. • Comprehensive Training • Curriculum • Mandatory Basic Training • Career Development & Standard • Individual Training Budget Performance Management TRAINING • A diverse group of international colleagues, united by a common KNOW-HOW PERFORMANCE- corporate culture HR DEVELOPMENT & CONTINUOUS EDUCATION NETWORK MANAGEMENT • Communities • Knowledge Pool & Knowledge Sharing Network PERSONAL COACHING • Mentoring by peers during integration • Career Coaching from experienced colleagues (Development Plan, Annual Feedback) A S O L A N O G G O I N G F E E D B A C K