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How to Become Contributor

Contributors are marketing professionals working in the field that they are writing about, or in a closely related field. | download free ppt
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Published Date:09-03-2017
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How to Become ContributorBenefits of Writing Meeting awesome people Paid speaking gigs Book dealContributors vs WritersWriter  Get paid  Full time job  Referred to as “staff writer” or “writer” Contributor  Not paid  Referred to as “contributor”Steps to become a ContributorPick your NicheUnderstand Editors Underpaid Over worked Juggling 200 things at onceEditors want Writing that is…  Correct  Interesting  AppropriateWrite What to Write What you know What is interesting What you have experiencedHow to Write Better Organise your thoughts before writing Keep up with good grammar Keep a journalWhere to Publish Your blog Guest post on other blogs Quote editors/ journalistsThank you Find us at