Application of ICT in libraries

advantages of ict in libraries and importance of ict in education ppt
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Published Date:24-03-2017
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Library UtensilsLibrary Utensils • It is a concept device, that user can use on their pen to translate words found in the print book. • It’s a simple pen to make digital highlights.Digital highlighting should be done in a simple way.Advantages 1. The real-to-digital highlighter would be connected to a computer.Continue.. 2. When user highlight something – move along the text in a print book – it will immediately appear in the notepad app on a computer. Continue… 3. All your highlights would be collected in a single text document.The best thing about this digital highlighter pen is, when users are finished their note, simply send this note to user’s email address. The note will self-destruct the moment user close it.Follow us on:-

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