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Top 10 Self-Improvement Strategies

• 5 Questions Ask Yourself Daily • 5 Essential Life Lesson • 5 Revelation From A Personal Coach
Top 10 SelfImprovement Strategies5 Questions Ask Yourself Daily • What should I be doing right now • What do I want to be today • How can I create my day • What do I need to know or learn • How am I getting in my own way today5 Essential Life Lesson• Fear is illusion. • Anger is not worth it. • Failure is good. • Things gather dust; experiences don’t. • Relationship always come first.5 Revelation From A Personal Coach• You reallydon’t have to tolerate an unacceptable life. • Change is easier when you have support and accountability. • Deeprooted fears need therapy, not coaching. • Your intuition is more valuable than advice from others. • Action gives you more solid answers than thought.5 Mindfulness Habits• Focus instantly on the task at hand. • Pay attention to those things that you usuallydon’t notice. • Before you sleep, focus on gratitude. • Be fully present with each person. • Simply observe your thoughts without judgment.5 Ways to Tell if Someone is Lying• They have microexpression that briefly appear. • There is a change in their tone of voice. • They slouch and fidget too much. • They avoid prolonged eye contact. • When telling the real truth, they behave differently.5 Ways to Invite More Beauty into Your Life• Watch the sun rise or sunset. • Turn off the TV and play stirring music instead. • Go outside in the morning to look at the trees, sky and clouds. • Drive the scenic route to work instead of the freeway. • Lie on a blanket on the yard and stare at the stars.5 Unexpected Ways to be Happy• Ignore hurtful people or unpleasant people.Don’t engage with them. • Give priority to fitness and healthy eating. • Stop comparing yourself to others. • Stop ruminating about your problems. • Love the process more than outcomes.5 Mini Habits That Make You Feel Instantly Better• Walk outside, close your eyes and listen to nature. • Make your bed when you get out of it. • Clear your desk before you work. • Tackle your hardest task first, even for just 5 minutes. • Write down one thing you like about yourself everyday.5 Personal Growth Habits• Write about your vision and work toward it daily. • Catch yourself when you try to make excuses. • List all of your assumptions and challenge them. • Read something daily that inspire you every morning. • Throw away unnecessary material from your life5 Ways To Cope With Life Transitions• Use this time to new experiments and test them. •Don’t resist change, even thoughit’s painful. •Don’t rush yourself through transition. • Expect and accept uncertainty and ambiguity. • Notice your action–they reveal your true desire.• Thank u Follow us on:
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