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Published Date:08-07-2017
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From Landing to Take-Off: We care Company Presentation Agenda 1.  This is Swissport 2.  Our Service Offerings 3.  The Hub Concept 4.  Global and Regional Presence Page 2 1. This is Swissport What we do: The Company Swissport International is the leading global airport and aviation service provider in terms of quality, reliability, customer dedication, growth, innovation and network coverage. We offer a comprehensive range of products at optimum value for money, and achieve an attractive return on investment for all the parties involved. We are able to provide an ‘all-inclusive service package’ as well as to manage new integrated collaboration models (outsourcing). Page 4 What we do: The Profile 2011 Revenue: CHF 1.7 billion Key Figures Revenue CHF: 1.7 billion Countries 36 Employees 35 000 Flights handled (mov.) 2.6 million Cargo handled (tonnes) 3.2 million Warehouses 98 Airports served 177 Customer Airlines 650 1998 2002 2006 2010 Passenger handled (dep.) 108 million Page 5 Organisation: The Management Team Page 6 What we aim for: The Mission Our mission is to be a reliable and professional partner, recognised for creating value and contributing to the results for all our stakeholders. We also aim to: §  Consolidate and strengthen our number-one position §  Achieve profitable growth §  Progress in key areas such as quality and reliability §  Further develop and implement the Swissport Formula Page 7 How we do it: Our Values §   We focus on innovation and human resources development. §  We are guided by the principles of sustainability and compliance. §  We live by The Three ‘P’s: - People - Professionalism - Partnership       Page 8 How we do it: Our Values §  People: We show respect towards people and their values, working with enthusiasm and enjoyment. We do not compromise on safety. §  Professionalism: We are pioneers and creatively explore new options. We focus on achieving sustainable results. §  Partnership: We strive to exceed the expectations of our customers and keep the promises we make. We deliver excellent service: at any time, at any place.   Page 9 How we do it: Certifications ISAGO Cargo 2000 Zurich, 5th July, 2011 – Zurich, February 8, 2007 – Swissport International, the Swissport, the leading global world’s leading provider of aviation services provider, has ground services to the aviation been awarded the certification as sector, has been awarded the a fully-compliant Cargo 2000 IATA Safety Audit for Ground company. This landmark Operations (ISAGO) certificate certification underlines Swissport’s for its Corporate Headquarters active endeavours to fully comply and Zurich station, and is now with all agreed industry standards. listed on the ISAGO Registry. Page 10 How we do it: Awards These values result in steady growth and an industry-wide acknowledgement of our achievements: ‘Best Global Aviation Ground ‘Global Cargo Handling Service Company 2012’ by Agent of the Year’ by ACW, ITM, the 12th time in a row. for the 3rd year in a row. Page 11 What makes us special: Swissport Formula Standardisation and global alignment guarantees Swissport quality around the globe regardless of local conditions or cultural differences and the customers benefits are: §  Improved choice and access to innovative services globally §  Consistent quality and reliability §  Well-trained management and staff §  Optimised solutions for global and local needs §  Savings made through application of standards Page 12 What makes us special: Collaboration Model From Relationship to Partnership Single Station Regional/Multi-station Network Packages Hub & Base Management Full Outsourcing §  Tailor-made cooperation models (incl. Global Framework Agreements) §  Business development projects and launch of new products §  Joint ventures Page 13 Facts & Figures: Global Leader by revenue in billion CHF by number of stations 1.8 200   1.6 180   160   1.4 140   1.2 120   1 100   0.8 80   0.6 60   0.4 40   0.2 20   0   0 Page 14 Facts & Figures: Top Customers §  Full-Service Airlines §  Low-Cost Carriers Page 15 2. Our Service Offerings Overview Ground Handling Services Cargo Services Special Services §  Passenger Services §  Freight Services §  Ramp Services §  Ramp Services §  Ticketing Services §  Warehousing §  Lounge Services §  Trucking Services §  Station Management §  Call Centre Services Page 17 Ground Handling Services: Overview §  Passenger and Ramp Services §  Baggage Services §  Ticketing Services §  Lost and Found Services §  Lounge Operations §  VIP Services §  Gate and Check-in Services §  Irregularity Handling §  Station Management & Control §  Load Control §  Crew Administration §  De-icing Page 18 Cargo Services: Overview §  Freight Handling (On/Off Airport) §  Mail Handling §  Document Handling (Import/Export) §  Integrator Handling §  Cargo Handling in a Third Party Facility §  Freighter Ramp Services / Transportation §  Outsourced Hub Operations and Management §  Network Handling Services (Off-Line) §  Call Centre and Airline Customer Services §  Trucking Services §  Warehousing §  e-freight Services Page 19 Fueling Services: Overview §  Into-plane Fueling §  System and Pipelines §  Laboratory Fuel Testing §  Ground Support Equipment Fueling §  Ground Support Equipment Maintenance §  Fuel System Project Maintenance §  Rental Car Fuel Facility Management §  Technical Audits and Inspections §  Cathodic Protection Surveys §  Maintenance and Operation of Tank Farms §  Maintenance and Operation of Fuel Distribution Page 20