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Scientific Poster Design

Scientific Poster Design 40
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Published Date:14-07-2017
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Scientific Poster Design How to keep your poster from resembling an abstract painting A poster can be better than giving a talk More efficient because: • you totally bomb at giving talks • can be viewed while you nap • can hang in the department for years • can reach folks not in your field of research Posters serve as… An advertisement of your hard work Kool, wow, check this out, you must be smart Its just an illustrated abstract Is my abstract effective? •  Why should anyone care? •  What am I adding to current knowledge? •  Do I need to explain methods? •  Have I told them what I found and recommend? A portrait of a " grad student &%, I have 12 hours to throw this thing together and get it printed before its due. How do I get months and years of research onto my poster? • Your poster is a short story • Describe a few major points • Arouse the readers inter est to read on • Limit it to 250 words Recite after me , Less is best Simplify your paper into poster format Find out the size required Whos my audience? Remember, most of these scientists come for the free booze Start putting " together your " 2 main elements 1) Simple, effective data displays Keep it simple but effective 2) Small blocks " of supporting text The need for chairs in front of your poster will not go over well Your copy should answer… Methods? What do I Why? recommend? What did What am I I find? adding? I could actually read this .;i Cornell Center for Materials Research - Pick a software program Although youll probably gravitate towards PowerPoint, consider a true design program.