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100 Content Marketing e xa Mples 1100 Content Marketing e xa Mples WELCOME Looking for inspiration or ideas for your content marketing efforts? Look no further. We rounded up 100 awesome examples from companies of various sizes, locations and industries, and packaged them together in this 100 Content Marketing Examples guide. In this guide you’ll get cutting-edge content samples from a wide variety of print, video, online and event campaigns – and that’s just the beginning. You’ll also get checklists, tips and links to additional resources to help you turn these examples into action items for your upcoming content marketing plans. So sit back, put your feet up and enjoy Have additional examples you’d like to contribute? Connect with us below and share your own personal favorites. Joe Pulizzi Founder Content Marketing Institute juntajoe 2100 Content Marketing e xa Mples Broadcasts from The Wafe S fl hop 1 Company: The Waffle Shop Originally featured in: What if You Sold Waffles with a Side of Content? By Andrew Davis Description: Located in Pittsburgh, The Wafe S fl hop broadcasts a live-streaming talk show with their customers. Their editorial calendar includes “Open Talk,” a show called “CookSpeak,” and a program called “Wafe W fl opp.” Each show has its own format. For example, “Wafe fl Wopp” is a teen magazine talk show hosted and produced by Pittsburgh teenagers. Their eclectic guest list, live music and fun interviews make “Wafe W fl opp” one of The Wafe S fl hop’s most popular shows. Check out the video below for an example. Example: Watch the “Wafe W fl opp” Videos 3100 Content Marketing e xa Mples The Confl ict Kitchen’s 2 3 Ways to Get Your Community Food Wrappers Involved in Your Content Marketing Efforts Company: Conflict Kitchen Originally featured in: What if You Sold Waffles with a Side of Content? 1. Take it to the Streets: Explore your local neighborhood or rove an upcoming By Andrew Davis in-person event and take video inter- views with your customers. The insights Description: you gather could provide great fodder for humorous YouTube vignettes, cus- The Conflict Kitchen is a take-out restaurant in Pittsburgh tomer testimonials and case studies. that only serves cuisine from countries that the United 2. Expose Your Charitable Work: Many States is in conflict with. The entire restaurant and its companies run charitable campaigns, cuisine changes depending on the conflict it has chosen so why not honor the customers or fans that support your efforts? After a suc- at a given time. For example, it was recently a Venezuelan cessful event or food drive, list these restaurant called La Cocina Arepas and Bolani Pazi, an contributors on your website or send a Afghan joint. personalized email thanking those who were involved. Every four months, the restaurant changes its theme and uses its food wrappers (see 3. Take a Poll: One of the best (and often untapped) resources for content cre- link below) to help educate consumers about the details of the conflict. They have ation is your customers. Doing a quick a smart editorial calendar (launching a new pop-up restaurant every four months) poll on your website or social sites on a and use every aspect of the experience (from the wrapper the food comes in to the regular basis for content ideas is a great way to keep your audience engaged and signage and menu) to leverage content to help their customers better understand the interested. Plus, when you end up us- world. What a noble experiment. ing one of their ideas, they will love the recognition you give them. Example: See the food wrappers 4100 Content Marketing e xa Mples “CityOne” Simulation Game 3 Company: IBM Originally featured in: Fab 15 Content Marketing Projects by Jeremy Victor Description: IBM has long been a leader in gaming-as-content, breaking new ground with its business simulation game, called “CityOne.” In this game, players solve problems in four key areas – banking, retail, energy and water. Each scenario offers opportunities to understand real-world implications of business decision-making in a “Sim City”-style simulation. To date, “CityOne” has racked up to 18,000 players from more than 130 countries since its launch in 2010, proving simulation gaming may be a powerful new content initiative that can engage, educate and influence. Example: Play along 5100 Content Marketing e xa Mples “The Inception of PC Viruses” Video 4 Company: F-Secure Originally featured in: Fab 15 Content Marketing Projects by Jeremy Victor Description: In January of 2011, Mikko Hypponen, Chief Researcher and world-renowned computer virus expert at global computer security company F-Secure, used a milestone in the industry – the “anniversary” of the first PC virus — to tell a story of intrigue and high adventure as he sought the writers of that first virus. From this journey, F-Secure produced a masterful video documentary that followed Hypponen as he traveled more than 5,000 miles from Finland to Pakistan to meet the brothers responsible for the creation of the first computer virus, BRAIN. The interview shares how the brothers felt about releasing the virus 25 years later, and Hypponen states, “Listening to their story, I feel like we have recorded some real IT history.” Example: Watch the video 6100 Content Marketing e xa Mples ShipServ Pages – The Movie 5 Company: ShipServ Originally featured in: Fab 15 Content Marketing Projects by Jeremy Victor Description: John Watton, former CMO of ShipServ, a B2B marketplace for the maritime shipping industry, had a problem. His company sold a technologically advanced product to a market in which buyers were typically skeptical and highly resistant to change. His goal was to n fi d a friendly, non-threatening way to get their attention, educate them and drive more prospects into the sales funnel. The result: a two-minute stop-motion video entitled, “ShipServe Pages: The Movie.” Watton states, “We needed a way to break the ice and to show suppliers the power of online marketing. We went low-tech with the stop-motion video and created Rex, a spare parts supplier, hero and modern-day everyman.” Watton describes the results as, “Highly successful. The innovation is really in how we’ve integrated it with our other social media and content marketing efforts.” Example: Watch Rex in his feature movie “By making a complex message manageable and easily digested, we’ve driven people into our funnel at a faster rate.” —John Watton, CMO of Shipserv 7100 Content Marketing e xa Mples B2B Marketing Manifesto 6 Company: Velocity Partners Ltd. Originally featured in: Fab 15 Content Marketing Projects by Jeremy Victor 4 Steps to Publish Description: an E-Book How do you find more of the customers you love to work with? That’s exactly the question Make your own “manifesto” by London-based B2B marketing agency, Velocity Partners Ltd., asked itself while developing its following these four simple steps. new eBook, “The B2B Marketing Manifesto,” using humor, illustrations and a touch of edginess (To read more, visit the complete original blog post submitted on CMI to deliver a stand-out message. by Thomas Clifford.) 1. Discover a common theme from To gather content for the eBook, Doug Kessler, Creative Director and Co-founder of your existing content (articles, Velocity Partners states, “We found three common traits among our most successful videos, podcasts, etc. – the sky’s the limit) and organize customer relationships. Those traits became the basis of the eBook. We focused on your content around it getting our passion on the paper, which led to presenting a call-to-arms to our profession, 2. Write an introduction all designed to attract those core psychographic traits.” 3. Hire a professional proofreader (make the eBook clean and The result? An innovative eBook that drew a large polished) volume of comments, downloads and conversations. 4. Create a cover page (make it As Kessler states, “We’ve been almost overwhelmed by impossible for your customers to resist reading) the success of our approach on this project.” Example: Read the inspiring Manifesto 8100 Content Marketing e xa Mples “The Message is the Messenger” Infographic 7 Company: Eloqua + JESS3 Originally featured in: Fab 15 Content Marketing Projects by Jeremy Victor Description: Infographics have seen a meteoric rise in popularity as a form of content. Sadly, many exist merely as a simple – even primitive – regurgitation of facts. Not this example from Eloqua, however. Joe Chernov, Eloqua’s VP of Content Marketing and co-creator of the “The Message is the Messenger” infographic states his purpose for the piece: “We wanted to – we need to – remain relevant in conversations that marketers are having about marketing. This infographic, and others we’ve created, was a way to make sure Eloqua remains a vital participant in this larger conversation. The graphic sums up the transition from traditional to new media, and captures the ever-growing list of personal brands – new media figureheads – that make up the social marketing conversation.” Example: See the infographic “A good infographic visualizes data to communicate a point of view – it doesn’t visualize data for the sake of visualizing data.” —Joe Chernov, VP of Content Marketing for Eloqua 9100 Content Marketing e xa Mples Nike Better World Microsite 8 Company: Nike What is a Microsite? Originally featured in: Fab 15 Content Marketing Projects by Jeremy Victor A microsite concentrates on a narrow topic or issue, featuring Description: rich content developed by the The Nike Better World microsite uses HTML5 to present content in a hip sponsoring brand itself. Correctly executed, the microsite creates a storyboard-style that amasses all the goodness of the brand and delivers it in an gathering place that positions the unusual, scrolling format. Best of all? The attention-grabbing “Better World” video is brand as a contributing member of made from “100% recycled advertising.” How green is that?” the community. To see five more examples of microsites done well, check out the “How to Develop a Microsite” blog post by Joe Pulizzi. Example: Visit the microsite 10100 Content Marketing e xa Mples LEGO Club Magazine 9 Company: LEGO Originally featured in: LEGO: From Toy Company to Multi-Media Brand by Clare McDermott and Must-See Content Marketing Examples from 2011 Description: In the 1980s and 1990s, LEGO faced a tremendous threat from competing construction toys, and the company knew it needed to build a powerhouse brand and integrated marketing approach to go up against these building-block imitators. Among its incredible branding and content marketing initiatives is the LEGO Club Magazine, which is customized for subscribers by local market and age. The magazine allows kids of any age to receive targeted content that’s relevant to them in a fun, portable format. As an extension of its LEGO Club offering (one of the biggest and most popular children’s member clubs in the world), LEGO worked hard to improve its magazine product in 2011 with more cartoon stories of the LEGO bricks in action, better integration of customer photos and some awesome in-store programs at LEGO store outlets and its new Master Builder Academy. Example: Check out LEGO Club Magazine 11100 Content Marketing e xa Mples 10 The Future of Mobility Video Series Company: BMW Originally featured in: Fab 15 Content Marketing Projects by Jeremy Victor Description: Want to know what the future of mobility is? Check out the artful four-lfi m documentary produced by BMW to find out. In the videos, BMW calls on the experts – fifteen of today’s leading academics, pioneers and entrepreneurs – to share the insights of the past, present and future of technology, cities and the automobile. Breaking the videos up into four parts allowed BMW to get all its content delivered in an easy-to-digest format for viewers, and using expert insights gave the company added credibility as a knowledgeable and educational thought leader. Example: Watch the documentary 12100 Content Marketing e xa Mples 11 YouTique – French Connection’s YouTube Channel Company: French Connection Originally featured in: Fab 15 Content Marketing Projects by Jeremy Victor Description: What to wear, what to wear? Fashion retailer French Connection knew how often its target audience was asking this question, and happily responded by creating a YouTube channel: Youtique. The company combines the mini-video format of YouTube with the ethos of the Home Shopping Network to offer women snack-sized personal shopping videos based on occasion. In short, it’s every woman’s dream. Example: Browse the YouTique 12 “From One Engineer to Another” Blog Series Company: Indium Corp. Originally featured in: Fab 15 Content Marketing Projects by Jeremy Victor Description: Sixteen engineers from Indium have discovered content gold with their “From One Engineer to Another” blog. Through it, they produce valuable content, videos and answer questions about a variety of engineering topics (e.g., how to set up and operate the Indium sulfamate plating bath). Even if you don’t know what that means, you can appreciate what they are striving for: to bring ideas to life through interactive conversations. Example: Read the blogs 13100 Content Marketing e xa Mples 13 The Ford Story Online Community Company: Ford Originally featured in: Fab 15 Content Marketing Projects by Jeremy Victor Description: A successful online community not only shares your company’s messages, but allows your customer voices to be heard as well. Ford’s user community achieves this by combining Ford content with user stories, images and videos. The emphasis on the community is clearly on the visitor, as categories like “Your Stories” and “Your Ideas” weigh prominently on the community’s home page. This approach creates a loyal band of community followers who are motivated to contribute content in support of the community, and creates a powerful user experience as well. Example:Experience the community Do’s and Don’ts for Building a 14 The Friend Network Optimizer Loyal Community Following Facebook App 1. Don’t be a show-off (it’s all about them): Make your content about your visitors, or ask them to directly contribute. Company: SAP 2. Do educate openly and honestly: People can find Originally featured in: Fab 15 Content Marketing Projects by Jeremy Victor information anywhere – be the place they get it from. 3. Do be a nurturer: Add community elements like a Description: newsletter or blog to keep visitors engaged, provide Do you know who among your friends is an inu fl encer? Try out SAP’s Friend updates and solicit contributions Network Optimizer app for Facebook. This fun tool demonstrates, in small scale, what SAP does for businesses and is a great example of how to use social 4. Don’t just educate – socialize: Talking to your communi- ty members is the best way to ensure you’re giving them the media, particularly apps, as a content outlet. information they actually want, not just the information you Example: Experience the App want them to have. Use a widget to bring together social media posts and tweets, and answer questions on your own forums. Above all, make sure it’s clear that you’re listening. 14100 Content Marketing e xa Mples 15 The Caterpillar Online Community Company: Caterpillar Originally featured in: Fab 15 Content Marketing Projects by Jeremy Victor Description: The Caterpillar online community is a buzzing online forum where professionals who work with Caterpillar equipment and engines can exchange information, find answers and get expert advice from their peers. Where else can you compare skid steers? Example: Visit the community 16 Cries for Help Lighting Revolution Company: Cree Inc. Originally featured in: Fab 15 Content Marketing Projects by Jeremy Victor Description: The Cries for Help Lighting Revolution is a monthly contest hosted by Cree Inc., and bright way to get your community engaged and contributing to your content efforts. The contest asks participants to submit photos of a dark, poorly lit space in order to be entered to win free lighting for a forlorn little office or home. Quite an enlightening concept Example: Check out the contest 15100 Content Marketing e xa Mples 17 Intuit Labs Company: Intuit Originally featured in: Fab 15 Content Marketing Projects by Jeremy Victor Description: The Intuit Collaboratory is an open collaboration platform that asks entrepreneurs to help solve the company’s latest product challenges – and rewards winners with cash. In order to reach its broader target audience, Intuit designs challenges for both code-writing techies and tech-challenged entrepreneurs, serving as a great way to foster innovation and engagement while gathering user-generated content as well. Example: Check out the lab 18 MSPtv Community Company: Zenith Infotech Originally featured in: Fab 15 Content Marketing Projects by Jeremy Victor Description: MSPtv is an educational community for managed service providers and serves as an excellent example of how companies can embrace new media to educate the IT reseller channel. The steady flow of useful content on the community, which includes podcasts, webinars, videos and more, helps resellers position and troubleshoot their products, allowing Zenith Infotech to educate customers in a new, interactive way. Example: Visit the community 16100 Content Marketing e xa Mples 19 Lifetime Fitness Company: Lifetime Fitness Originally featured in: 6 Amazing Retail Content Marketing Examples Description: Experience Life is the lifestyle print and online magazine developed by Lifetime Fitness, the billion dollar health and fitness company with over 100 centers around the US. Experience Lifeis now published 10 times per year and has a circulation of more than 600,000 subscribers (as well as newsstand distribution). Example: Read the magazine 20 “Being Girl” Community Company: Procter & Gamble Originally featured in: “How to Develop a Microsite” by Joe Pulizzi Description: The “Being Girl” online community stems from a similar concept to the “Man of the House” community, also created by P&G, by delivering content targeted toward its pre-teen/teen female audience. The community provides their niche content in an engaging way, using color schemes to compliment the equally colorful content on the site. The content mission is clear: “Being a girl is like being part of a club where everyone knows what you’re going through… at least on some level. Girls have fun. Girls have opinions. Girls have a lot of questions about stuff like PMS, dating, their bodies and even serious subjects like addiction and abuse – just about anything you can think of that has to do with being a girl.” A nice content mission. In a study performed by Forrester Research, P&G found that a microsite like was four times more effective than a traditional marketing campaign. Not too bad. Example: Visit the community 17100 Content Marketing e xa Mples 21 “Life Goes Strong” Community Company: Procter & Gamble and NBC Description: In this online community for baby boomers, P&G provides a plethora of content relevant for this audience in a variety of forms including articles, Q&As with the experts, blogs and polls. The community is developed in partnership with other “Goes Strong” sub-sites to help provide content by themes: Health, Home, Tech, Play, Family, Style and Work. Through these sub-sites, content is more laser- focused to help deliver exactly the educational information site visitors are looking for. Example: Visit the Community and other “Goes Strong” sites 22 Ecomagination Website Company: GE Originally featured in: “Must-See Content Marketing Examples from 2011” Description: GE is a great content innovator, and has really “stepped it up” according to Gilad de Vries, VP of Brands and Agencies at Outbrain. “The company is using its site, Ecomagination, to familiarize consumers with different aspects of their business by discussing science, innovation and embracing great challenges that will better our future.” The site organizes its content in a unique and innovative way, almost like a blog. With a mix of bright visuals, videos and cutting-edge articles, it’s a “go-to” for anyone interested in the latest environmental issues and acts as a “forum for fresh thinking and conversation around clean technology and sustainable infrastructure.” Example: Visit the website 18100 Content Marketing e xa Mples 23 Tablespoon Cooking Community Company: General Mills Originally featured in: “Must-See Content Marketing Examples from 2011” Description: The Tablespoon community is an attractive, interactive site for people passionate about food and entertaining. The site gathers the best of the best, and uses a clean categorization technique for its content, splitting it up by topics that matter most to its core audience: Quick Dishes, Taste for Adventure and Rock UR Party. Depending on the type of cook you are or event you’re hosting, these categories help you find content easily and quickly in a more innovative way than traditional websites. And, with help from their newsletter, readers can also stay in-the-know on the latest recipes and inspirations. Favorite feature: Table Talk: A forum that brings together what people are talking about on the site and about the recipes. It also gives visitors real-time updates on what recipes have been added recently to help them build their repertoire. Example: See what’s cooking 24 Red Bull’s “Red Bulletin” Magazine for the iPad Company: Red Bull Originally featured in: Rent-to-Own Marketing: Red Bull by Joe Pulizzi Description: What do you think about when you hear the word “Red Bull?” Energy? Extremism? Excitement? Red Bull has done an excellent job building its brand on a few consistent themes that permeate every aspect of the company, from goofy cartoon ads to rockin’ live events. Its content marketing activities ree fl ct these themes as well, like the Red Bulletin magazine, which den fi es itself as a “modern lifestyle mag focusing on sport, people, art and culture designed to break new ground.” Never a brand to be left behind, Red Bulletin also recently extended its print magazine offering to the iPad as an app, which allows for a great amount of interactive content to supplement the original print articles, such as videos, animations, exclusive content and more. The site even boasts a 360-degree view of the mag, and “access to Red Bulletin’s international issue” as part of membership. That’s “breaking new ground” for you. Example: The Red Bulletin Magazine for iPad 19100 Content Marketing e xa Mples 25 NC On Campus (Location-Based Services) Company: NC State University Originally featured in: “Take Your Content on Location with Location-Based Services” by Colleen Jones Description: If you’re going mobile with your content marketing, then consider location-based services (LBS). A location-based service is a network that provides content to your mobile phone or devices based on where you are (your physical location). As an example, North Carolina State University’s On Campus mobile app offers content and features that depend on a user’s location. Some examples include check-ins, event promotions, digital rewards, points, leader boards, maps of nearby locations, reviews and photo sharing. Since there’s so much happening on campus at any given time, On Campus features content about events very prominently, so students and faculty can know what’s happening anytime anywhere. To reward people for attending certain events, On Campus also cleverly incorporates its own branded badges. It’s like content candy. Example: Check out the app 26 Sherwin Williams STIR Magazine Company: Sherwin Williams Originally featured in: Sherwin Williams and Content Marketing: 5 Questions with Ellen Moreau by Joe Pulizzi Description: STIR Magazine, a custom content publication, targets a very specific audience that includes interior designers, architects and people who are simply passionate about decorating their homes. The online magazine combines high-quality articles, videos, interactive tools, blogs, events and “chatter” (comments from their social sites) into a comprehensive resource for people seeking ideas, inspirations, problem-solving tips and more. STIR was also recently made available as a tablet app, demonstrating the company’s commitment to making its content accessible (and readable) everywhere their audience wants it (plus it’s free). Example: Experience STIR Magazine online 20