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Era of Learning while Earning

An era of combining both learning and working is the new normal among college student. and also explain earning while learning when and how student | Download free pdf
Era of Learning While EarningLearning While Earning • An era of combining both learning and working is the new normal among college student. Who are simultaneously working while enrolled in their post graduation. • These students are also known as working learners.• These college students face the challenge of balancing work, school and other life priorities. • The New Survey survey finds that over the Views last 20 years, more than 75 of college students have been working NEW SURVEY 20142015 while enrolled WORKIG their study. STUDENT 75 REST OF THEM 25• 30 of all working learners are simultaneously employed full time and enrolled in college in full time. working learnres working learner … working learnres Total learner 0 50 100• About 40 of undergraduates and 76 of graduate students work at least 30 hours a week. students Under graduates 40 Graduates students 76• A great difference showed between working learners, student only and working only. Difference Data 20142015 working learners 43 student only 37 working only 20 • One third of working learners are 30 or older. educational work analysis survey of 20142015 60 indicates 1830 ages• 60 of working learners are women and 20 have their children. women having children 20 working learner women 60 0 50 100 150• It also seems that most of people are working fulltime while in college.• More than half of working learners are in the sales and food personal service occupational. service occupational community … servi food and … ce … sales and office … 0 20 40 60• The report explores these working learners and finds that studentscan’t work their way through college anymore to offset debt.• It also identifies several policy changes that stand to help these students succeed.Conclusion • Finally it conclude that, after graduating working learners have added to their resume and are upwardly mobile and more likely to move into managerial positions.• You can find us at