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Published Date:08-07-2017
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Company presentation QUALITY LIGHTING DEVELOPED AND PRODUCED IN EUROPE Developer and producer of industrial and state-of-the-art luminaires Creator of comprehensive interior and exterior lighting solutions One of the fastest growing lighting companies in Europe, operating in 122 countries worldwide OMS, a. s. From 01 July 2017 Established 1995 Number of employees 950 Export 98.5 % 2 Production surface area 103,100 m 2 LIC surface area 810 m 2 Office surface area 2,460 m OWNERSHIP STRUCTURE QUALITY LIGHTING Grafobal Group, a. s. 70% Vladimír Levársky 30% DEVELOPED AND PRODUCED Grafobal Group, a. s. Consolidated turnover 980,000,000 € IN EUROPE Number of employees 6,200Dining hall Production hall: Products in Production hall: Production hall metal production & process metal production & Production warehouse Who we are semi-finished products storage powder line warehouse Our facilities Central R&D centre Administrative Production Production Gate Administrative Administrative Production warehouse building warehouse warehouse area area warehouse Showroom Warehouse Conference room Production Bar hall Production hall QUALITY LIGHTING DEVELOPED AND PRODUCED IN EUROPEWhat we do What we do hold ing LIGHTING CONTROL LIGHTING CONTROL DALI CONTROL DALI CONTROL SENSORS SENSORS INTERFACES INTERFACES DALI CONTROL TUNABLE WHITE TUNABLE WHITE TUNABLE WHITE INTERFACES MODULES MODULES MODULES DALI POWER LINE DALI POWER LINE ACCESSORIES DALI DEVICES COMMUNICATION COMMUNICATION FOR DALI Research and Product supply and Lighting engineering and development services production projects QUALITY LIGHTING DEVEL Europe’s fastest gr OPED AND PRODUCED IN EUROPE owing LED lighting providerUnique LED Solutions We are leaders in LED technology and offer our customers an expansive and comprehensive portfolio of truly special LED luminaries for every application. ZIPAR TRACK ZIPAR UNO ZIPAR DUO ZIPAR TRIO ZIPAR QUATRO-S ZIPAR MOVABLE ZIPAR TRIO ZIPAR QUATRO-S ZIPAR AIR ECO REBELL II ZIPAR ADJUSTABLE RECESSED RECESSED RECESSED RECESSED SURFACED SUSPENDED SURFACED SUSPENDED LED by application ELYS TR - FOOD, FASHION ELYS SR - FOOD, FASHION ELYS CR - FOOD, FASHION ELYS CS - FOOD, FASHION ELYS CS2 - FOOD, FASHION ELYS SU - FOOD, FASHION TARF RECESSED TARF ADJUSTABLE PRETTUS PRETTUS S / M / L PRETTUS XS / S / M PRETTUS XS / S / M / L / XTP ASYM TRIMLESS SURF/SUS Retail TUNABLE WHITE and Presentation PERLITA PERLITA NOVIEL S / M / L NOVIEL ASYM EDAN ASYM EDAN ASYM PRESTIGE LED II PRESTIGE LED II PRESTIGE LED II PRESTIGE LED II PRESTIGE LED II PRESTIGE LS ASYMMETRIC DEEP, WIDE, ASYMMETRIC ADJUSTABLE PAR-L DEEP MEDIUM WIDE DOUBLE ASYM DOUBLE ASYM LAMBDA D-I EDAN ASYM EDAN ASYM ACELIN, ACELIN D-I AILIN AILIN LINE TRIAN AIRN C D-I DUELIS II LAMBDA DIF LAMBDA LED ACELIN D-I LINE ASYM Office Education CAYLA BEIN BEIN BEIN HAMO TW GACRUX TW GACRUX XTP GACRUX II ECO SANA EZAR EC1 CLASSIC LED RELAX LED FREESTANDING DECLAN II EDYN ROUND, DIR-INDIR, FREYN II DIF FREYN II 1200x300 DECLAN II DECLAN II 1200x300 EDYN, TUNABLE WHITE EDYN PV4, TUNABLE WHITE KLEON BATEN FREYN II 1200x300 DECLAN II 1200x300 SURF / SUS TRANSPARENT SURF / SUS SURF / SUS TRANSPARENT GRAFIAS IVAR MYAR PRESTIGE LED IP54 PRESTIGE LED II PRESTIGE LED II DEEP PRESTIGE LS PRESTIGE LS PRESTIGE LS Industry ULTRA DEEP WIDE EXTRA WIDE DEEP and Engineering PLAST H II LED TDO II ECO LED TDO LED / LED WIDE TDO STEEL LED GHADA-L GHADA-1 GHADA-2 DALYA KEATON S KEATON M MEGIN II M MEGIN L IMMA SEMAI Street and Urban QUALITY LIGHTING DEVELOPED AND PRODUCED IN EUROPEFULL LUMINAIRE DEVELOPMENT One of the best-equipped and staffed R&D departments in Europe, delivering seamless industrial, optical, thermal, electronic, and mechanical design, and custom product development INDUSTRIAL DESIGN INNOVATION REQUIRES All the pre-production processes that lead to a fully functional prototype A DIFFERENT APPROACH OPTICAL DESIGN Selection and refinement of appropriate optical parts using vast practical experience and theoretical knowledge THERMAL DESIGN Characterisation of every product to ensure the reliability of every product and research and development of innovative concepts LIGHTING INNOVATION CENTREELECTRONIC DESIGN Advanced system level designs, DALI compatibility and long-term performance tests performed in-house MECHANICAL DESIGN More than 20 years of experience in the mechanical design and customisation of luminaires and precision tools LAB SERVICES Optical, thermal, electronic, mechanical, and pre-certification tests and measurements INNOVATION REQUIRES A DIFFERENT APPROACH LIGHTING INNOVATION CENTREA COMPLEX INTERRELATION OF DESIGN AND ENGINEERING OPTICAL S YSTEM DEVELOPMENT & MANUFACTURE Analysis and optimisation of reflectors, parabolic louvres, refractors, diffusers, and lens optical systems as well as development of production tools and serial production on request ELECTRONICS DEVELOPMENT & MANUFACTURE PCB development, rapid PCB prototyping, and serial production on request CUSTOMISED SOLUTIONS Thanks to the possibility to customise OMS luminaires, any product will match your needs just perfectly TAILORED SOLUTIONSTechnologies From concept to manufacture, all under one roof Our superior manufacturing capabilities are the backbone of the company. For this reason we view continual technological development as paramount and invest our energy in what matters the most. QUALITY LIGHTING DEVELOPED AND PRODUCED IN EUROPESpecial request factory From concept to manufacture, all under one roof Why a project “special request factory“? Due to the rising number of requirements for the processing of new materials and shapes To promptly respond to clients' demands To produce rapid in-house prototypes To shorten the development time of new products QUALITY LIGHTING DEVELOPED AND PRODUCED IN EUROPELED PCB production From concept to manufacture, all under one roof Before PCB production Optical design Electronic design Thermal design During PCB production Extra fast sampling – PCB samples based on unique designs produced in no longer than 2 weeks High-quality regular production After production Optical measurement Electronic testing and measurement, certification measurements T hermal measurements and life time calculations QUALITY LIGHTING DEVELOPED AND PRODUCED IN EUROPELED production From concept to manufacture, all under one roof Specialised LED production in EPA – ESD Protected Area Soldering of LED chips by selective wave Luminaire testing with certified measuring instruments Quality management in compliance with ISO 9001 technical standards QUALITY LIGHTING DEVELOPED AND PRODUCED IN EUROPEBook of services Research and development services You can now take a look behind the scenes of our product development and see how our experience and expertise are poured into every luminaire we produce. Also, find out how these skills are available to you for the creation of your own products, from a single service to the full luminaire development. QUALITY LIGHTING DEVELOPED AND PRODUCED IN EUROPEBook of services Lighting engineering and projects SLE is the world's first lighting solutions platform that connects architects, lighting designers, realisation companies, suppliers, researchers, and brands to cooperate on projects. At the same time, SLE provides singular lighting, R&D, and marketing & sales services. QUALITY LIGHTING DEVELOPED AND PRODUCED IN EUROPEReferences STEFFL VIENNA MARTIN AUER BAKERY CARREFOUR EXPRESS - AUSTRIA GRAZ - AUSTRIA ANTWERP - BELGIUM SHOWROOM MERCEDES LANDI STORE BUCHRAIN CHAMPION BASSANO MEMORIAL WATERLOO AUBIERE - FRANCE - SWITZERLAND MILANO - ITALY WATERLOO - BELGIUM QUALITY LIGHTING DEVELOPED AND PRODUCED IN EUROPEReferences MEMORIAL WATERLOO HUMBOLT UNIVERSITY FIIT STU BRATISLAVA UNIVERSITY OF FRIBOURG OFFICE BUILDING WATERLOO - BELGIUM BERLIN - GERMANY - SLOVAKIA FRIBOURG - SWITZERLAND HEERLEN - NETHERLANDS OFFICE / ADMINISTRATION OPERATION CENTRE AIRPORT HOTEL AIR RAIL STATION GROB AG ZAHNRADFABRIK CIRCLE HOUSE ZURICH - SWITZERLAND ZURICH - SWITZERLAND FRANKFURT - GERMANY NEBIKON - GERMANY QUALITY LIGHTING DEVELOPED AND PRODUCED IN EUROPEThanks for your attention QUALITY LIGHTING DEVELOPED AND PRODUCED IN EUROPE Company presentation