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Published Date:08-07-2017
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BOEING OVERVIEW Connect Protect Explore Inspire Copyright © 2017 Boeing. All rights reserved.HISTORY The First 100 Years Founded in Completed a series of 1916 strategic in the Puget Sound region mergers and of Washington state acquisitions to become the Became a WORLD’S LEADING LEADING PRODUCER AEROSPACE of military and COMPANY commercial aircraft A heritage that mirrors the history of flight Copyright © 2017 Boeing. All rights reserved.WHAT WE DO TODAY The Next 100 Years COMMERCIAL DEFENSE, GLOBAL AIRPLANES SPACE & SERVICES SECURITY Boeing 7-series family of A dedicated services airplanes leads the industry business focused on the Commercial Aviation Services needs of global defense, supports carriers worldwide space and commercial World’s largest manufacturer customers of military aircraft and satellites and major service provider to NASA Large-scale systems integration, BOEING networking technology and CAPITAL solutions provider CORPORATION Financing solutions focused on customer requirements Connect and protect people globally Copyright © 2017 Boeing. All rights reserved.BOEING Vision Copyright © 2017 Boeing. All rights reserved.WHERE WE ARE Global Boeing Research, design Approximately and technology- 145,000 development centers and BOEING EMPLOYEES programs in multiple countries Manufacturing, service and 94.6 technology partnerships with companies around the world BILLION of commercial in 2016 revenues airplane revenue historically Contracts with more than from across the 70% customers United States and Products and services support 20,000 outside the in more than to customers in more than suppliers and United States 65 COUNTRIES partners globally 150 COUNTRIES Partnering worldwide for mutual growth and prosperity Copyright © 2017 Boeing. All rights reserved.WHO WE ARE Company Leadership Dennis Muilenburg Chairman, President and CEO Executive Council Kevin McAllister Marc Allen Ted Colbert Ray Conner Leanne Caret Heidi Capozzi Tom Downey Scott Fancher Vice Chairman Executive Vice Executive Vice Senior Vice President, Senior Vice President, Chief Information Senior Vice President, Senior Vice President, President, President, President, Boeing Human Resources Officer and Communications Program Management, President and CEO, President and CEO, International Senior Vice President, Integration & Boeing Commercial Boeing Defense, Information & Analytics Development Programs Airplanes Space & Security Stan Deal Greg Smith Michael Luttig Greg Hyslop Timothy Keating Jenette Ramos Diana Sands Chief Financial Officer Executive Vice Executive Vice Chief Technology Senior Vice President, Senior Vice President, Senior Vice President, President, and Executive Vice President, General Officer, Senior Vice Government Supply Chain & Office of Internal President of Corporate President and CEO, Counsel President, Boeing Operations Operations Governance and Boeing Global Development & Engineering, Test & Administration Services Strategy Technology Copyright © 2017 Boeing. All rights reserved.MAJOR BUSINESS Commercial Airplanes Approximately Headquartered in the 76,000 PUGET BOEING SOUND Boeing airplanes represent EMPLOYEES region of Washington state about half of the world’s fleet, with operations in with more than 10,000 several U.S. states jetliners in service 65 BILLION in 2016 revenues of sales (by value) are to customers Offers a family of airplanes 70% outside the and a broad portfolio of United States aviation services for passenger and cargo carriers worldwide The industry’s source for customer-focused solutions Copyright © 2017 Boeing. All rights reserved.MAJOR BUSINESS Defense, Space & Security FORMED IN Approximately Headquartered in the 2000 47,000 WASHINGTON, to integrate Boeing’s defense, space, intelligence BOEING and communications capabilities D.C. EMPLOYEES area with operations in three countries and 26 states 29.5 Designs, builds BILLION and supports in 2016 revenues net-enabled platforms and systems for government and Has a balanced backlog across all markets, including a strong commercial customers mix of development, production and support contracts The industry’s source for customer-focused solutions Copyright © 2017 Boeing. All rights reserved.MAJOR BUSINESS Global Services Approximately INNOVATIVE Headquartered in the 20,000 DISRUPTER DALLAS BOEING generating a robust EMPLOYEES pipeline of products AREA and services for GLOBAL with operations worldwide customers worldwide SERVICES Designed for faster customer A dedicated services business focused on response and STARTING OPERATIONS the needs of global IN JULY 2017 operational agility, defense, space and to integrate the services commercial customers with a streamlined capabilities of the defense, space and commercial sectors infrastructure The industry’s source for customer-focused solutions Copyright © 2017 Boeing. All rights reserved.MAJOR BUSINESS Boeing Capital Corporation Headquartered in the PUGET Focuses on SOUND assets that BOEING region of are critical Washington state CAPITAL Almost to the core CORPORATION Financing solutions focused 50 operations on customer requirements of Boeing YEARS Supports the business customers of history as a global provider units, manages the portfolio of financing solutions and ensures the availability of financing for Boeing customers The industry’s source for customer-focused solutions Copyright © 2017 Boeing. All rights reserved.LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM Preparing Tomorrow’s Leaders DRIVES STRATEGIC BUSINESS OBJECTIVES through traditional, experiential and continuous learning DEVELOPS THE Tackles real business CAPABILITIES OF challenges at a residential, FUTURE LEADERS STATE-OF-THE-ART LEADERSHIP CENTER Unleashing the full potential of Boeing leaders to shape the future Copyright © 2017 Boeing. All rights reserved.GLOBAL CORPORATE CITIZENSHIP Supporting Local Communities Creates positive changes in local communities through charitable Partners with giving, volunteering and the way community we operate our business organizations 2016 contributions to charities: around the world through strategic 163 million investments, employee engagement and Over 35 million advocacy efforts donated by employees through giving programs, including the Employees Community Fund, one of the largest employee-owned funds in the world Being a part of our communities is a Boeing core value Copyright © 2017 Boeing. All rights reserved.PROTECTING OUR PLANET Environmental Actions and Commitments INSPIRE GLOBAL INNOVATE FOR PERFORMANCE COLLABORATION Leading global collaboration Driving industry efficiency to advance progress in with innovative technologies environmental performance and protection EXCELLENCE IN SUSTAINABILITY Committing to zero growth in greenhouse gas emissions, water intake, solid waste to landfill and hazardous waste generation from company operations by 2017 Global environmental leadership through aerospace innovation Copyright © 2017 Boeing. All rights reserved.Copyright © 2017 Boeing. All rights reserved.