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Empowerment Alone cannot Help Our Women

Empowering Women is a primary change agent, but empowerment alone is not enough, first and most important, change in the mind-set is required
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Published Date:17-03-2017
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Empowerment Alone cannot Help Our Women At the present time, there are still crimes committed against women. Empowering Women is a primary change agent, but empowerment alone is not enough, first and most important, change in the mind-set is required– respect each individual whether female, male or others. This should have been quite easy for a country like India, where everyone feels proud about their belief and values, but inappropriately the evidence of events is just the contrary. It is not easy to change the mind-set, particularly when we think we are civilized (are we?). From the initial phase of upbringing itself, parents require to make that belief and value framework. This should be a part of the education system as well. Later, this should also be a part of the Human Resource Development in government and corporate employment. To assure that no individual can commit crime against women, effective police and legal action are required. The law should be flexible enough to select punishment, which will be an example for others. Women empowerment alone is not enough; there is a need that everyone understands, each human being has a right to live with self-respect and freely. It is not possible to allocate a police constable to each individual in the country. Each person is responsible to raise his / her voice against crime, if there is an accident in your neighbor then do raise the alarm and help them; Factors Facilitating Empowerment of Women Empowerment of Women cannot be facilitated in a magical way. It is not a spontaneous or an automatic process, but requires consistent and deliberate efforts. It is possible by the combined and co-ordinated efforts of the people, Government and the women. Some socio-economic and political factors provide the women empowerment. 1. Acknowledging Women’s Rights: Society should understand that like men, women are also given the equal rights. 2. Freedom to Take Decisions and Make Choices: Women should have freedom to take decisions like whether to marry or not to marry; and after marriage, the freedom to decide as to how many children that they should have, and so on. 3. Access to Education and Employment: Women can become stronger only with economic and educational power. Only expectations cannot support. Conditions must be generated in such a manner that women can get education easily and later on become employed. Adequate economic freedom is necessary for women to reduce their dependence on men.