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How to do Creative Writing

Creative thinking processes and knowledge work together. We play to gain knowledge and how to improve creative writing | free pdf download
Creative WritingWarm-Up Writing Task: Create something with the lump of clay on your desk. When you are finished, take about 10 minutes to write what you created and why.Questions for Discussion • Look at the ceramic jar. What steps would you need to go through to create something like this from a lump of clay? • How do you think this is similar to writing an essay?Some Basic Knowledge About Creative Writing Why Do We Write Purpose Communicate with each other Record information Enhance oral development Reinforce vocabulary and Language structure  Present ideas, information and feelings Demonstrate ones creativity and critical thinking Inform ,influence and entertainThe Writing Process Activate knowledge Take in information Generate Ideas Organize/Reorganize PublishThe Writing Process Pre-Writing Polishing Drafting Revising EditingWhat do we need to teach ? Using the basic conventions of English Presenting Information Ideas and feelings coherently and clearlyStages Of Writing In Primary School learners go through four stages of writing to develop their writing skill. Copying Guided writing Controlled Writing Independent WritingDevelopment of writing skills through Task Based Activities Have a context Have a purpose Involve learners in thinking and doing Learners draw up their own framework of knowledge and skills. Purposeful activities lead to a product. Approaches to writing Parallel Writing Modeled writing Shared and Interactive Writing Process Writing Experiential Writing Creative Writing …….etcCreativity And Creative WritingWhat Is Creative Writing Definition: Creative Writing expresses the writers thoughts and feeling in an imaginative often unique and poetic way. Creative writing is guided more by the writers need to express feelings and ideas than by the restrictive demands of factual and logical progression of expository writing What Is Creativity Definitions: Ability to produce original ideas. The result of a complex of cognitive skills, abilities, personality factors ,motivation and strategies.Elements Of Creativity Fluency  Flexibility Originality Elaboration Visualization Lateral Thinking Define ProblemsTeachers’ can develop learners creativity by: Choose Interesting topics. Go beyond given information Give time to think Reward creative efforts Value their creative attributes Teach them creative thinking techniques Create a climate conducive to creativityConducive Environment for developing learners creativity Provide challenges Appreciate individuality Encourage open discussion Absence of conflicts Allow time to think Encourage confidence and willingness to take risk Appreciate and support ideas Respect the novel and unusualStrategies For Creative Writing 1Activity Sheet Three Minute Fast Write: Write anything that you can remember from the Hare and the Tortoise. 1,2,3 ……...go The Tortoise And The Hare hare tortoise slow grass white lazy stupid clever Sunny run competition sleep hot tired sad cry surprised happy cry wake-up sunny unhappy sleep Setting . Problems Resolutions Event Who when where Slow fast lazy Wake-up win Running Green tortoise Stupid clever lose happy White rabbit competition sleep hot tired unhappy Grass hot sunny work hard Surprised cry a long time Swimming Cant swim clever Arrive first competition Jump easy proud find a bridge rest laugh enjoying silly proudThree Minute Fast Write + Transformation = A new version of a storyWhy Use Fast Write A daily fluency exercise. First thought on a starting point are usually the most powerful and original ones. Helps students get started on an assignment Remember: at this stage accuracy is not emphasizedThematic Tree Start with a theme Reflect on the theme Develop sub themes Brainstorm relevant themesTheme : My House Rooms in my house Things to put in each room Things to do in each roomMy House 1 Living room 1 Kitchen 1Dining room 2 Toilets 3 BedroomsNow write about the dream house How many rooms do you want Besides the living room, bedroom, washroom, drawing room dining room do you want any other rooms  What do you want to put in those rooms. What do you want to do in those rooms Who do want to live withWhy Use Thematic Tree Encourages students to think of different perspectives builds students' flexibility generates more idea Helps students’ structure their writingMulti-dimensional writing  A car accident has occurred injuring several people  Teachers and students discuss how it could have been averted  Students imagine that they are one of the following characters and write an account 1. Driver 2. Passenger 3. PedestrianActivity Sheet Imagine you are the Principal/Headmistress Librarian Head Girl/ Boy Teachers. Write about any one particular day.……Other Examples You are Papa Bear. Write rules for Goldie Locks to help her become a better girl.  You are the King of the forest. Write rules for different animals to followWhy Use Multi-dimensional writing Enables Students to view things from different angles Helps students to remain focused when they writeBrainstorming and Mind Mapping Identify Problem/Task to be done Brainstorm solutions/steps possibilities Use mind map to arrange and develop ideasBrainstorming and Mind Mapping Put the word ‘Future’ on the board Brainstorm words related to your future Now focus on your education family and career Group all the words under these three sub themes and write a compositionNever stop Example Map learning Eventually Instill a love get a PhD Education of education in my children Learn to love My future whatever work family I am doing Make them Stay at home a priority work while raising children Raise healthy, Use the skills I happy children Stay close have learned in as to my many ways as family possibleWhy Use Brainstorming and Mind Mapping Brainstorming: Excellent way of creating many new ideas Helps students break out of their thinking patterns into new ways of looking at things. Mind Map: Used for arranging and developing ideas. A good format for reviewing ideasStrategies For Creative Writing 2 Writing Stories.Transformation  Making an appeal  Creating a new ending/ new version to a story Transformation Making an appeal Imagine you are the Troll. Write why you are so fierce to the goats. I am fierce to the goats because……………..Transformation Discuss with your friends why do you think the troll was so fierce to the goats.Language Help Goats ate all The goats were the grass. naughty No more grass Always hit the land and trees Troll all the animals Reasons Ate all the hungry grassland Goats kicked Trolls Mother. She fell into the river and died No one to look after the troll. Troll lonely and hungry Hated the goatsActivity:Imagine you are…. Imagine you are the three goats. Use your 5 senses to think and write about how nice the grassland is. See  Smell  Touch  Hear  Taste Sample When I arrived at the grassland I saw-. I smelt - and it was - -. I touched-. I could hear . Finally I ate the grass and it tasted .Character Empathy  Write for the characters and express how they feel. (letter, diary) Examples: Write about the Baby Bears feeling when he saw his broken chair. (letter) Write how Cinderella felt after the Ball dance. (diary)Imagination IF………… Create anew ending based on assumption -If the little Billy Goat Gruff could not cross the bridge Your turn. Create a new ending 1 2 3 GO………Troll took him home Language Help Troll and Billy become Sample good friends. Troll took Billy Home. Troll takes care of Billy was very hungry. Billy There was no food Lived happily ever so after Billy dies of starvation New endings The two brother goats could not find l Little Billy They were sad They went back to the Bridge The Brothers fought with the Troll and brought Little Billy back homeWish Fulfillment Discuss Cinderella's dream. What could it be. Write about your own dreamsThanks For Coming Your Comments And suggestions Are Valuable
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